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Animal Extinction & Çevirisi

Animal Extinction & Çevirisi

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Animal Extinction

The world has a huge capacity to include/host animals, human beings and other plants. However, unfortunately, the extinction of different species is a growing concern all over the world. Actually, people always need to save animals’ lives because the stability of the ecosystem is attributed/linked to the variety of living beings. Since the existence of animals has a severe impact on the ecosystem, it might be a good idea to consider the main reasons for animal extinction.

First of all, pollution might bring about the extinction of species. The most serious kind of pollution might be air pollution because it has long-lasting influences on the ecosystem. For instance, there was once a butterfly species that lived in England. The well-known feature of these butterflies wasthat their colour was a very cool white. After the Industrial Revolution occurred in England, the colour of these animals turned into black due to air pollution. Therefore, this butterfly kind is extinct now. Moreover, long-lasting pollution can lead to climate changes and thus global warming becomes an inevitable end. Because of global warming, sea levels tend to rise more rapidly than normal. Therefore, polar bears and penguins are also endangered.

To consider animal extinction in a broader context, overhunting can also give rise to it. Actually, people hunt animals for not only supplying food but also for economic purposes. To give a contemporary example, snow leopards come across with the risk of extinction. Due to the fact that their bones have an inestimable value for medicine, snow leopards are exposed to overhunting. Unfortunately, there are only about 7,000 leopards left in the wild. What is more, deforestation of rainforests can also lead to the extinction of species. Due to the fact that the population of the world increases, the demand of people for accommodation can also increase. People also destroy trees to meet their need to produce papers and create an industry. The clearest indication of the lack of trees is that animals become incapable of surviving in their habitats.

To sum up, there is a supremely powerful coincidence between the quality of people’s lives and the existence of diverse animals. People ought to take sufficient steps to save animals’ lives.