advantage disadvantage essay konuları topics
advantage disadvantage essay konuları topics

Advantage & disadvantage essay konuları konuları sayfasında sizinle hem güncel hem de klasik essay konularını paylaşıyoruz. Ayrıca essay yazarken hızınızı artırmak için her bir essay konusu ile ilgili argümanları ya da pointleri sizinle paylaşıyoruz.

Advantage & Disadvantage Essay Konuları #1

What do you think about studying abroad? Is it advantageous or not?


  • Studying abroad broadens one’s perspective.
  • It makes one learn another language.
  • It gives people a chance to explore a new culture.
  • It may offer better job opportunities.


  • It is expensive.
  • Cultural shock may occur.
  • One may have difficulty in communicating with people.
  • One may feel lonely and homesick.

Advantage & Disadvantage Essay Konuları #2

Using credit cards has gotten more popular in the last years. Do you think that using credit cards is beneficial?


  • Credit cards can make it easier to buy things.
  • Credit cards provide a useful record of one’s spending through a monthly statement or online account.
  • People can earn reward points when they spend.


  • Since they’re so easy to use, they also make it easy to overspend.
  • Credit cards include annual fees.
  • They charge high interest rates.

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Advantage & Disadvantage Essay Konuları #3

The new trend using Uber instead of Taxi is very widespread nowadays. Is it advantageous or not?


  • Uber allows people to book and pay for a lift much quicker.
  • One can keep the track of the road and fee beforehand.
  • It offers ultimate flexibility to drivers. Uber drivers can work as much or as little as they want.
  • It provides high quality service to the passengers.


  • Uber drivers may lack of professional driving qualifications.
  • Uber cars are not equipped with cameras and are not registered as commercial vehicles.
  • Due to high demand, Uber began to increase the fares.

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Advantage & Disadvantage Essay Konuları #4

With increased use of Internet, more and more people are drawn towards online shopping. What are the advantages/disadvantages of online shopping?


  • Online shopping is very convenient. One can shop from home.
  • It allows accessing a wider variety of products.
  • It gives you the opportunity to shop whenever and wherever you want.
  • Customers can compare different products easily.


  • The delivery time may take weeks.
  • There may be some security problems concerning credit cards.
  • One cannot try out the product before buying it.
  • High shipping costs often add up to the total cost of the product.

Advantage & Disadvantage Essay Konuları #5

Political speeches influence people’s choices.  What are the disadvantages of political speech?


  • It may mislead the society.
  • Political speech includes many fallacies.
  • It is useless because people don’t shape their ideas according to political speeches.

Advantage & Disadvantage Essay Konuları #6

Video games have become so widespread in recent years. What are the benefits and harms of video games?


  • Video games improve cognitive functions.
  • Video games improve hand and eye coordination.
  • Video games have a substantial effect on decision making.
  • They foster social values such as solidarity, friendship and cohesion.


  • Video games increase the aggressiveness of the players and make them violent.
  • They dissocialize people.
  • They can be addictive.
  • Spending time by playing video games may lead to poor academic performance.

Advantage & Disadvantage Essay Konuları #7

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a group in a workplace?


  • It is more productive because it accelerates the progress.
  • Group work provides more resources.
  • It offers information exchange.


  • Unequal participation among group members.
  • There may be conflicts among group members.
  • Decision making takes longer.

Advantage & Disadvantage Essay Konuları #8

Advertising is the process by which events, products or services are brought to the public’s attention and made to look appealing. What are the pros and cons of advertising?


  • Advertisements increase sales.
  • Advertisements help producers to reach out to consumers quickly.
  • It helps companies to expand their reach to global markets.
  • It gives customers plenty of choice.


  • Advertisements can be misleading because not all products or services which are advertised are good.
  • It is an unequal because small businesses cannot properly advertise their products due to limited resources.
  • Advertising results in increased expenses for a company.