Argumentative Essay Konuları

Argumentative Essay Konuları

argumentative essay konuları topics
argumentative essay konuları topics

Argumentative essay konuları sayfasında sizinle hem güncel hem de klasik essay konularını paylaşıyoruz. Ayrıca essay yazarken hızınızı artırmak için her bir essay konusu ile ilgili argümanları ya da pointleri sizinle paylaşıyoruz.

Argumentative Essay Konuları #1

Do you think that the presidential government system is a requirement for Turkey?


  • It makes Turkey more effective in both internal policy and diplomacy.
  • Presidential government system will step decision making process up.
  • The new system will bring economic development


  • Power can be individualized in this system
  • It may lead to a regime crisis

Argumentative Essay Konuları #2

Should animal testing be banned?


  • Animal testing is unethical
  • Animal testing causes terrible pain or traumas
  • The results of animal tests are not always similar to studies on humans
  • There are other methods available including human-based micro-dosing


  • Animal testing contributes to many life-saving cures and treatments for both people and animals
  • Animals are appropriate research subjects as they are similar to human beings in many ways
  • Animal research is highly regulated with laws such as Animal Welfare Act which protects animals from mistreatment
  • Relatively few animals are used in research

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Argumentative Essay Konuları #3

According to a new decision made by Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council, there will be some regulations over the content of Netflix and there will be censorship. Do you support this regulation?


  • Content on Netflix needs to be checked and controlled.
  • Some series include pornographic or graphic content which has a negative effect on children.
  • Some series on Netflix incentivize a life which may not be approved by the society.


  • It limits people’s personal choices
  • It is against the freedom of expression

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Argumentative Essay Konuları #4

While some people support the idea of plastic surgery, there also those who disagree on it. What is your opinion on this issue?


  • It makes people look better in any form
  • Looking good always enhances self-confidence
  • It is not done for the sake of looking better solely; it is also done for some health issues.


  • It is extremely expensive, so only wealthy can afford it
  • It includes some complications during or after the surgery
  • It makes people desire to be perfect, so it can be addictive

Argumentative Essay Konuları #5

Do you think that same sex marriage should be legalized?


  • It’s about one’s choice and preference
  • All people must have equal rights. They should be treated equally
  • Homosexuality is not inferior to heterosexuality


  • In many cultures, same sex marriage is thought to be morally wrong
  • It contradicts with the society and its values
  • Same sex marriage changes family structure

Argumentative Essay Konuları #6

“Death penalty should be legalized.” Are you for or against this statement?


  • It serves as example to other would-be criminals and deters them from committing murders
  • It is an effective way of punishing criminals  for their acts
  • It  means retribution on behalf of the victims.


  • The death penalty is a cruel punishment
  • It might be applied arbitrarily and inconsistently
  • Ending human life is morally wrong under any circumstances

Argumentative Essay Konuları #7

“School uniforms should be mandated.”  What do you think about this statement? Do you agree or disagree on it?


  • School uniforms can create an environment where discipline is emphasized.
  • They boost school spirit.
  • School uniforms promote a safe, healthy learning environment.
  • School uniforms reduce peer pressure related to clothing.


  • School uniforms take away individuality and freedom of expression.
  • They can cause discomfort.
  • There is no connection between uniforms and better learning.
  • They can cause resentment among students.
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Argumentative Essay Konuları #8

Do you think that should universities require every student to take a foreign language?


  • Foreign Language study creates more positive attitudes and less prejudice toward people who are different.
  • Dealing with another culture enables people to gain a more profound understanding of their own culture.
  • Foreign language study enhances listening skills and memory.
  • Foreign languages expand one’s world view and eliminates the barriers between people.


  • There are some students who don’t want to learn a foreign language.
  • Some students are not good at learning languages.
  • Some students do not have to learn a foreign language because they do not need it.